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Kevin Larson Presents Event Planning & Marketing Services

We believe in partnerships that create a win/win scenario and enable a team effort that increases everyone’s exposure while minimizing costs. Our goal is always for long term relationships for multiple years. In order to achieve this, benefits must be high and costs low.

Kevin Larson Presents specializes in social media marketing and creating business awareness through events.

We can:

  • Create an event or party for you
  • Create and run a complete social media marketing campaign
  • Tie your company into one of our events through sponsorship/partnerships

Our marketing base:

  • 30,000 email members
  • 20,000 Facebook
  • Events ranging from 500 – 5,000 attendees
  • $40,000 advertising campaigns for events
  • 500+ local and national events calendar listing
  • Blog posting weekly
  • Print and Radio

Let us help you plan your next event, promote your business or handle your social media!